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Log Book Service

Log Book: While your vehicle is still under warranty

Log book service is conducted while your vehicle is still under warranty by following the manufacturers hand book and service recommendations for your vehicle. Our car mechanics will make sure that when you make a log book service in Morley, your book is stamped at  
car service & repair in Perth If you are searching the internet for "a car mechanics near me?" we are glad you found Total Car Care! 

TCC Servicing is very competively priced. Our TCC Log Book Service is a comprehensive service that makes sure your vehicle is running absolutley safe  just as the book guide lines obviously intended. This service includes all, oils and specially scheduled service items, plus an essential TCC safety inspection report. TCC has approval as authorised mechanical repairers.  Bussiness MRB reg 2195 to provide vehicle service in Morley, Dianella, Perth and surrounds to look after your vehicle.  Our qualified technicians working on your vehicle will always advise you of any very urgent or necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle warranty keeps you covered.  As approved registered repairers we have authority to stamp your logbook* From Safety or pre-purchase Inspections, TCC  has the technology and expertise to service your vehicle and coduct mechanical repairs as necessary.

*We always check the fine print on your new car warranty*

4 Wheel Drive Service

4 Wheel Drive Servicing & Repairs -

 Total Car Care car service & repair in Morley have you covered,  With over 20 years of experience we have the knowledge and skill to be able to offer expertise and assistance with all your four wheel drive servicing and repairs.  We understand the life style and the terrain in WA.  We realise the importance of making sure you have a reliable 4x4 for the sometimes risky and difficult out back and country driving situations.  We appreciate your need for total peace of mind. Your safety is our priority. Our technicians have experience in all types of 4 Wheel Drive vehicles, we have built our good reputation for servicing  all makes of 4x4s.  If you are looking for a competent authorised repairer for your personal or fleet vehicles TCC offers our reliable stead fast timely completion for all vehicle repairs we make sure to comply with the manufacturers hand book.  We provide a good choice of services which includes TCC engine rebuilds. So should you need any help with looking after your  4x4 please don't hesitate to give us a call at TCC.  Our friendly team are here to help you with your enquiry. We do offer upfront FREE quotes.  We may price match bearing in mind we are comparing  the exact same quality parts.  Drop us a line today by filling out our customer enquiry form on our front page. 

Interim Service & Yearly Service

Some manufacturers may recommend more frequent checks. Interim Servicing is ideal for vehicles used for short, mainly urban journeys or for those who wish to service vehicles doing very high mileage more regularly. An Interim Service every 6,000 miles or 6 months helps keep your car safe and roadworthy between full services.

  • Regular Service:  Every 15k or every 12 months, includes the following. 
  • AutoTransmission Fluid  
  • Battery and Cables  
  • Belts  
  • Brakes  
  • Cabin Air Filter 
  •  Chassis Lubrication  
  • Dashboard Indicator Light On  Coolant   
  • Engine Air Filter  
  • Engine Oil 
  • Exhaust  
  • Hoses  
  • Lights  
  • Power Steering Fluid
  •  Steering and Suspension  
  • Tyre Inflation and Condition check  
  • Wheel Alignment  
  • Windshield Washer Fluid 
  •  Wiper Blades

General Repairs

General Repairs: MRB2195  

Total Car Care are approved registered repairers. No repairer has authority to conduct repairs on your vehicle without an authorised repairer number in WA. Authorised repairers are screened for authenticity.

Total Car Care offer a great all round service should you need general repairs, our prices are very competitive.  We can prioritise repairs to suit your budget.  We also offer fixed up front quotes. We always use trusted Australian suppliers and reputable brands. You can be assured of quality parts and service . We repair the following:

  • Clutches 
  • waterpumps 
  • timing belts 
  • cv joints 
  • suspention & shocks 
  • suspention upgrades brakes
  • coolant systems 
  • batteries & radiators
  • alternators &starter motors

Brake Service

If your brakes are trying to tell you something, you should pay attention. A properly operating brake system helps ensure safe vehicle control and operation and it should be checked immediately if you suspect any problems, 

Please be aware of the following warning signs:

  • Noise, screeching
  • grinding or clicking noises when applying the brakes.
  •  Pulling: vehicle pulls to one side while braking. 
  • Low Pedal: brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging. 
  • Hard Pedal: must apply extreme pressure to the pedal before brakes engage.
  •  Grabbing: brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal. 
  • Vibration: brake pedal vibrates or pulses, even under normal braking conditions.
  •  Light: brake light is illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard. Because brakes are a normal wear item on any vehicle, they will eventually need to be replaced. Factors that can affect brake wear include driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle type and the quality of the brake lining material. Be sure to avoid letting brakes get to the ‘metal-to-metal’ point as that can mean expensive rotor or drum replacement.

Fleet Service

fleet can prove to be rather difficult. Total Car Care understands how your vehicles need to keep moving in order to maintain smooth operations and productivity, while keeping an eye on maintenance costs and expenditure. Our aim at Total Car Care is to get you back on the road asap. Holding your business with Total Car Care means one easy monthly account. No random here there and everywhere repairs to be accounted for. Please contact us today to find out more on how we can help you Accounts may be available to approved businesses on application


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