D.O.T Inspections

Have you recieved a yellow sticker? Or need to register your vehicle in WA?


 Approved D.OT Inspection Station

Total Car Care are approved as a private Department of Transport Metro Inspection Station (AIS).  We realise you are keen to get back on the road as soon as possible.  For what ever reason you need an inspection please dont hesitate to call should you need some friendly advice.A Compliance Notice ("yellow sticker") in WA can be issued by a police officer or authorised wardens when they identify a vehicle to be not roadworthy.

some vehicles such as, taxis, buses, uber, driving school vehicles require annual DOT examinations to renew their registration.  

After an inspection any defects found will need to be repaired and the vehicle reassessed.


Did you Know: Before a car is registered in W.A, it is required to pass a  safety test at an Approved Inspection Station.  
:  Is this the first time you are registering your vehicle in WA?
: Has your vehicle been written off? and you wish to have the vehicle inspected for repairing?

: Have you been issued with a non compliance or yellow sticker?

: Do you wish to transfer plates from another state?

: Are you needing an annual check for a charter omnibus vehicle, taxi or uber inspections

If your vehicle passes an inspection there are a few things you need to do next.

:  pay a transfer fee, 

:  stamp duty,  

:  registration fee 

It is compulsary for vehicles less than 25 years oldto be fitted with an approved  immobiliser.  


An appointment is required for your vehicle inspection.  Please make sure you mention at the time of booking that you have a compliance sticker or yellow sticker.

Have your vehicle details ready.  Make enquiry if you think you may need a permit to move an unlicenced vehicle.




Vin /Chassis number

Vehicle Drop Off

It is important you arrive on time.  Our inspectors will inform you when your vehicle is ready, and provide you with the outcome.

During the time of inspection and OHS customers are not permitted to enter the workshop, unless accompanied and authorised by our technicians. 

We thank you for your patience.